TVR Freedom and Whiskey
JMF The Kat's Whiskers x Marana Emerald Occasions

2018 Bay Stallion - Half Lippitt - star, small snip (Ee/Aa)
Foaled June 1, 2018

TVR Freedom and Whiskey, aka Grady, is maturing into a very nice young stallion.
He is well-behaved, correct, solidly built, and has lovely movement.
He has shown us he has a very slow, easy canter and also a nice ground-covering trot.
He has that "look at me" attitude, with a respectful and friendly disposition. He was imprinted at birth and is handled regularly.
We expect him to finish around 15hh.

Grady has been SOLD! Congratulations to Leaf and Hannah from Vanderhoof, BC!

TVR Freedom and Whiskey

JMF The Kat's Whiskers

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