TVR Black Correll Command
JMF The Kat's Whiskers x Whippoorwill Melodrama

2021 Black Colt - star (Ee)
Foaled June 25, 2021
PSSM1 negative

We love this boy! Commander has such a friendly, people-loving disposition and is going to be quite tall. He is respectful and is learning boundaries (even with all his hormones lol).
As a yearling he was just over 14.2 h, and now as a coming 2 year old, he is 15.1h and still has lots of growing to do. 
He was imprinted at birth, halters, leads, ties, and is good for the farrier. He loves human attention.
He has a nice energy level and nothing really fazes him. He is brave, bold, curious and very intelligent. He is athletic with nice movement and a fancy trot when showing off.
We retained Commander as a stallion prospect, and so far we have not been disappointed!

With the purchase of Whippoorwill Grandee, we have decided to offer Commander for sale. 
It was a tough decision, but we feel Commander has so much potential that we just can't do him justice. He is meant to do great things!

Commander has been sold! Congratulations to Kandice and family from Ohio!

TVR Black Correll Command

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