Krila's Damita

Whippoorwill Hidalgo x Gold Cross Sun Princess
2005 Buckskin Mare - right hind fetlock - 14.3 hh
100% Foundation (Ee Aa N/Cr)

Ami is an incredibly beautiful mare who has excellent morgan type combined with a very willing and affectionate disposition. She is an extremely sweet mare who is calm, quiet and sensitive. She is trained to ride and has quickly become one of our favorites!
Ami's 2018 foal is a very beautiful and sweet smoky black filly sired by JMF The Kat's Whiskers named TVR Midnight Arabella. We are retaining this filly.

In 2015 Ami foaled an amazing smoky black colt, TVR Midnight's Embrace, sired by JMF The Kat's Whiskers. He has been sold.
Ami has been sold.
Congratulations to Elaine from Merritt, BC! You have a fantastic new riding partner!!

Ami's Pedigree

Krila's Damita

Whippoorwill Hidalgo

Whippoorwill Aristocrat

Whippoorwill Skylark

Whippoorwill Du Time

Whippoorwill Melody

Whippoorwill Corona

Blackwood Correll

Whippoorwill Aurora

Whippoorwill Larissa

Whippoorwill Newmoon

Blackwood Correll

Whippoorwill Kathleen

Whippoorwill Locket

Whippoorwill Duke

Whippoorwill Starling

Gold Cross Sun Princess

Whippoorwill Arges

Whippoorwill Signet

Serenity March Time

Whippoorwill Locket

Whippoorwill Pazazz

Whippoorwill Duke

Piankeshaw Juzana

Tia Marietta


Tio Lalo


Tia Monita

Tio Lalo

Seranita Ro